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Reynolds Catering Services---Aircraft and Special Event Catering


Please note these are updated policies as of 06/01/2016.

Aircraft Catering Policies :


Updated June 2016

Thank you choosing Reynolds Aviation Services as your caterer.


The policies listed below were updated June of 2016 and apply to all catering delivery.


Delivery fees and options:

All catering orders that are delivered will incur a delivery fee as listed below:

Delivery fees are $1.00 per mile or a set fee depending on the location of the site.

AHN--$25.00---3j7---$20.00 …all other airports are $1.00 per mile.


Early fees--- Although we are a 24/7 operation , all FBO’s are not.

                      Any delivery requested and delivered before 9 am or after 5pm 

                        Will be charged an early/late fee. Fee is $50.00

Cancellation fees : any and all aircraft catering orders not cancelled within

                                3 hours of delivery time will be charged FULL price for the complete order. NO EXCEPTIONS

Substitutions and replacement items : due to the rural area sometimes all

                               Requests are just NOT possible. When this happens we

                               May have to replace the requested item with an item of

                               Equal or better value or quality. When possible the

                             Customer will be contacted and asked for approval of the  i

                             Item.  Example : New York Times Papers , etc.

Any questions or concerns about any and all of these policies please feel free to contact us @ or 706-817-3864.


Thank you very much and our goal is always a very happy customer.